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    Introducing Microsoft Azure

    What is Microsoft Azure?

    Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services helping organisations achieve their business objectives.

    With cloud services ranging from intelligent collaboration to predictive analytics, the Microsoft Cloud delivered within Africa enables developers to build new and innovative apps, customers to transform their businesses, and governments to better serve the needs of their citizens.

    To discover more about our Microsoft Azure solution, visit our Liquid Cloud website.

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    What does Microsoft Azure in Africa mean?

    Azure delivers on core requirements that your business needs, including:

    • Low Microsoft bandwidth costs
    • Better quality of experience for users
    • Fast deployment of new digital business capabilities
    • Lower the risk of business innovation
    • Building scale and reach

    We make Microsoft Azure easy to use. 

    Three core offerings provided through Microsoft Azure are:

    Infrastructure: Combine Azure, Azure Stack and our 100,000km fibre network to deliver Azure seamlessly anywhere in Africa.
    Backup: A simple backup solution that incorporates storage and security and connectivity strength to move large amounts of data efficiently.
    Active Directory: A unified authentication mechanism that allows your IT teams to manage user access into both cloud platforms as well as on-premise platforms and devices.

    Introducing Microsoft Azure Stack.

    What is Azure Stack?

    Azure Stack is Microsoft’s modern hybrid cloud solution, combining public Azure intelligence, security and scalability with Liquid Intelligent Technologies managed infrastructure. This means your business can now consume Azure services from a Liquid Intelligent Technologies data centre.

    What Azure Stack means for your business.

    Localised Cloud: Azure Stack brings your business the technical benefits of reduced latency and the low cost of local bandwidth to access your data and applications. Azure Stack meets the legal and regulatory advantages of in-country compute and storage, ensuring regulatory compliance.

    Liquid Intelligent Technologies is your Cloud Solutions Partner of choice.

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