The way your employees interact with one another and customers is changing.

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    Staying connected to your customers in an ever - increasingly competitive business environment is integral to business success.

    As technology changes, existing legacy PBX systems are struggling to keep up with the requirements of a modern business. Business locations and working patterns of employees all affect the way that your telephony system is set up. It needs to be customisable - offering the functionality that best serves your business needs.

    Find out more about how Liquid Intelligent Technologies can provide your business with a fully managed, cost-effective Cloud PBX solution - offered through a unique subscription-based model.

    Future-proof your business communications.

    Cloud PBX moves your business into a modern environment - enhancing business productivity and cost saving.

    Not only is our Cloud PBX system feature rich, it gives your business the freedom to grow in a competitive market. Here are some of the benefits it can bring to your business:

    • Works seamlessly anywhere: The Cloud PBX system runs directly from our fully redundant data centres and can be delivered anywhere via our high-speed fibre network.
    • Managed in real-time: Your Cloud PBX is software-based, monitored and managed in real-time.
    • Scale as you grow: Scale up or down as your business requirements change, within minutes.
    • Improved uptime: In the event of a power shortage or another emergency, we can intelligently redirect all calls to another office or an employee’s mobile as part of an additional service.
    • Single number availability, anywhere: Your employees are always available, using the same number, via their office phone or using their smartphone with the Liquid Communicator app.
    • Selectable subscriber licenses: You choose which users get which licence type. Only pay for the features you need. 
    • Virtual Receptionist: Our Virtual Receptionist will answer incoming calls and apply time-dependent call routing 24x7x365.

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    Enhance your PBX experience with our SIP trunking solution.

    We also offer a SIP trunking solution that enables us to connect your premises directly to all fixed-line or mobile networks.

    Some of the key features of our SIP trunking solution include:

    • High availability and uptime through Liquid Intelligent Technologies’s fully redundant core network.
    • A configurable number of simultaneous calls per SIP trunk.
    • A selectable number of Direct Inward Dialable (DID) numbers per SIP trunk.
    • Credit limiting for the SIP Trunk as a whole or per DID number.
    • Competitive local and international call rates featuring per-second billing, from the first second.
    • Additional services, such as audioconferencing.


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