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    Solutions for Africa and beyond.

    With an unmatched, wholly owned, open access fibre network spanning over 70,000km and an intelligent value added service overlay - we provide the reach, tools and virtual platforms you need to grow your business accross Africa.

    Managed UTM

    Liquid Intelligent Technologies offers a range of managed security services. With our Unified Threat Management or UTM services we provide the latest evolution in managed firewalls. Offering enhanced features including firewall management, intrusion detection and managed authentication.

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    Mail Protection

    Liquid Intelligent Technologies offers a cloud-based mail security platform and only clean and secure mail is delivered to the client's exchange. It is a comprehensive email security management service. The solution is based on best-of-breed scanning and security technologies from trusted vendors such as Symantec, Fortinet and GateScanner, as well as Secricom's software.

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    Mail Archiving

    Liquid Intelligent Technologies Mail Archiving provides bottomless archive hosted in the cloud, locally within your country. This archive provides our clients with the ability to ensure that email can always be found from anywhere at any time, with the added benefit of business continuity should the normal inbox be completely unavailable for a period.

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    Web Protect

    Liquid Intelligent Technologies offers a web protection service which inspects, filters and cleans inbound and outbound web traffic to combat all browser-based threats.  
    It is the only true, purpose-built cloud computing web security solution available as a managed service in South Africa.

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    End Point Protection

    Leveraging the power of Africa's Cloud, we continuously and automatically back-up every version of every file on every device - making sure your business is ready for when disaster strikes.  
    Combining power with functionality, our back-up service compresses, encrypts and then backs up your data - either in our secure pan-African cloud or at your site.

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    Secure Remote Access

    This service will provide fast and secure access to private applications that are hosted in public clouds or enterprise data centres. It also offers the benefits of optimised routing of traffic, application access and user authentication.

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