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    Helping Small Businesses

    COVID-19 has impacted both the way that we live and the way that we do business. From Liquid’s point of view, SMEs were hardest hit by the pandemic, which has shown the need for SMEs to adopt and transform their business by using digitize technologies.

    Businesses that are struggling to survive need to manage costs, create efficiencies, be more agile and reduce where possible. Businesses first try to optimise their telecommunications costs, however with staff working remotely, connectivity has become more vital than ever before. As businesses move to cloud-based solutions, such as the use of collaboration tools, online meetings and the adoption of digital technologies to drive their engagements with their clients.

    Digital technologies will help SMEs to develop omnichannel strategies to service their clients when they were unable to do this from a brick-and-mortar building. They also need to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

    SMEs don’t have the same resources as larger businesses to pursue new technology improvements. They are not as capable of supporting implementations, deployment, strategic mapping and transformation within their IT landscape.

    As Liquid we play a key supporting role in enabling SMEs to shift (journey) to a digital business model, often shifting to operational expenditure. We can advise SMEs on how to adapt their businesses to operate in a virtual way as they move from an on-premises environment, with all services and data running at the office, and shift to the cloud. This allows SMEs to gain access to groundbreaking new technologies and efficiencies.

    The below sections will provide SMEs Insights on how Liquid can help them on this journey.

    Cloud Services

    SMEs are turning to the cloud to help transform business processes to better compete in the digital era and deliver the best for their customers. This shift has left SMEs overwhelmed by the pace and enormity of the task and complexities at hand. Liquid is here to help you on this journey of transformation. We can help with simply licensing of a cloud environment, to help you migrate to the cloud and transform.

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    Cyber Security

    The world of technology is continuously evolving, with the adoption of Cloud and Digital Services. As these technologies shift, so does the threat landscape. Yet many organizations adapt their technologies without introducing new layers of security to repel hacker attacks and educate employees on cybersecurity.

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    Connectivity Solutions

    In this fast-changing world your performance is only as strong as your network, moving to the cloud is more mission-critical than ever.

    Without a robust cloud connectivity strategy, your organisation could face risks along the way which may include your traditional network not keeping up with cloud.

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    Managed Solutions

    SMEs are adapting and transforming their business to varying degrees. The challenge of maintaining a customer-focused approach, whilst developing transformational and digital strategies, building business resilience plans, and collaborating with other businesses. SMEs need to understand the skill required and the gap that they have. Liquid can help SMEs in that understanding, as well as help in covering the gap.

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