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    The right cloud infrastructure for your business.

    With an unmatched, wholly owned, open-access fibre network spanning over 70,000km, and an intelligent, value-added service overlay we provide the reach, tools and virtual platforms you need to grow your business across Africa.

    Virtual Host and Managed Hosted Cloud

    With our Virtual Host and Managed Hosted Cloud service offerings, Liquid Intelligent Technologies provides you with inherently secured and flexible virtual server infrastructures. Both Virtual Host and Managed Hosted Cloud provide you with the ability to create virtual servers to match your exact server requirements while ensuring end-to-end security and enterprise-class resiliency.

    Virtual Host

    Virtual Host provides you with pre-configured host templates for virtual servers and networking designed to meet standard requirements.

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    Managed Hosted Cloud

    Liquid Intelligent Technologies provides customers with the ability to self-create and manage their virtual servers via a management portal. This allows customers to define hosts and computing resources to meet their exact requirements in a flexible way. Customers can choose and easily customise their requirements on the fly. Managed Hosted Cloud allows customers to adjust their compute requirements in a dynamic way.

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    Managed Backup

    Liquid Intelligent Technologies offers Managed Backup. This product is an enabler for cloud-based backup and replication to our customers. Customers will be enabled to define their incremental backup requirements to meet their business needs. Incremental backups are either daily, weekly or monthly.

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    Managed Storage

    Liquid Intelligent Technologies's Managed Storage solution gives you the ability to scale as your business grows. Our solution enables you to control costs and expand your IT services but also ensure your data has the necessary security, performance and scalability requirements.

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    Our Colocation service caters for any size of business and is available in options from as small as 4Us, to half/full racks and even caged footprints, giving you options and scale as your demands grow. We can also design and build customised, secure and fully independent computer rooms to facilitate your exact hosting requirements.

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