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Get network security that means business

Liquid Intelligent Technologies conducts an in-depth examination of evolving threats, structural components necessary to protect systems, networks and the management of internal risks for your business.

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Simplify global calling in Microsoft teams with OneVoice for Operator Connect

Operator Connect provides a simplified customer experience backed by service level agreements and exceptional support models, delivering on quality and business continuity.

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Revolutionise the way you reach your mobile and digital customer base across Africa

Liquid Cloud offers leading solutions to streamline workplace operations, secure cloud storage, rapid data recovery, and scale growth. Count on us to help you improve your customer experience with far-reaching cloud security solutions.

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Everyone’s together, even when everyone’s apart

Discover the power of intelligent technology and the speed, security and cost effectiveness of a cloud-based WAN.

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Africa's Cloud is Liquid.

Cloud computing accelerates every aspect of your business, but it only works as well as the infrastructure supporting it.

By combining high performance cloud-based services with an award-winning fibre network, Liquid Intelligent Technologies, a business of Cassava Technologies, is migrating businesses of all sizes to Africa’s Cloud.

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Discover the cloud
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