Liquid Tech Enterprise: Network & Digital Solutions For Business


Liquid Tech Enterprise: Network & Digital Solutions For Business

As businesses today rely more on internet access for all their essential communications and office applications, they can no longer afford any network downtime.

Liquid Intelligent Technologies can reduce risk and prepare your business for any eventuality by:

  • Supporting your internet connection with a secondary link. What better way to protect your internet connection than by always having a back-up? Liquid Intelligent Technologies can offer customers a comprehensive range of back-up network solutions – including business-speed internet via satellite anywhere in Africa – to ensure your operations are never off-net.
  • Protecting your data wherever it is. Regular back-ups are essential to your business, which can’t afford to lose even a fraction of its most important data. Leveraging the power of Africa’s Cloud, we can continuously and automatically back-up every version of every file on every device – making sure your business is ready for when disaster strikes.
  • Migrating your business-critical applications to the cloud. There is a reason more companies today are choosing to store their data in the cloud rather than in costly servers on-premises. Moving to cloud-based services is transforming IT strategies and business models worldwide. If you’ve not begun your journey to Africa’s Cloud, why not start by moving your mail server to Office 365 or hosting your file servers in SharePoint or OneDrive?
  • Enabling your team to communicate and collaborate effectively wherever they are, on any device. Bring voice, instant messaging and virtual meetings to your connected workplace with Skype for Business and Teams for Microsoft Office 365.
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